What is KidetsAcademy?

KidetsAcademy was born from our original SpaceKidets, which was written by the founder and CEO, Alastair Leith. Himself an amateur astronomer and trainer, he wanted to build a programme to inspire children into Astronomy, especially before taken on the GCSE Astronomy programme he already offers.

The idea behind KidetsAcademy is to offer children (in a safe online environment) access to a number of courses, which do not have to be followed in any particular order, including but not limited to

  • Space and Astronomy (SpaceKidets)
  • History
  • STEM – (Chemistry at the moment) Biology*, Physics*
  • Maths
  • First Aid (Basic Life Support)
  • Finance*

* Subjects italicised and with an asterix are in development

The idea is to remove the “one size fits all, allowing children the opportunity to develop STEM based skills along with life skills that will stand them in good stead during adult life. Although not intended to cater for the GCSE specifically, a lot of the material is aligned to the syllabus, however, we try to remove the formality and make learning fun.

Parents purchase a subscription to one or more of the courses which lasts a year. Children are given logins to the portal.

In many cases courses contain quizzes with downloadable badges (certificates) they can print off and put on the wall to celebrate their achievement.


The material is in the form of videos, interactives (see the demo page), wherever possible voiceovers have been included in the material to cater for different learning needs.


This should run on either laptop or mobile device (such as an iPad) or similar.