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Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton was born in 1936.  She was a NASA computer scientist or what we may now call a human ‘number-cruncher’ when we consider what computers were like back then.   

Hamilton was credited with creating the software needed for NASA to send people to the Moon!

More of her is discussed here however as an academy ourselves, we make it a priority to highlight the important role played by women in Science, Maths, Engineering and of course History.

Sir William Henry Perkin

Sir William Henry Perkin was a chap I read about to some extent while at University.  I didn’t want to use the term ‘colourful character’ but he was!

As a Chemistry student, he was working with his supervisor, Hofmann, to find a synthetic pathway to make Quinine. Quinine was useful in combatting malaria. However, it was while he was on his studies at home that he accidentally stumbled upon another product. He’d invented mauve, the dye, which he called mauveine.

He ended up making quite a fortune! You can read more about him here. here.