About Us

The Kidets programme began with SpaceKidets.  You can visit this site at www.spacekidets.co.uk

Since forming this hugely successful programme, we went on to write other courses covering Maths, Science and History. The KidetsAcademy was born and now includes:

ScienceKidets – Chemistry (Physics and Biology in development)
MathsKidets (Free for a limited period with any signup)

First Aid (Free with any sign-up for a limited period)

The programmes are expanding all the time with new and exciting information! Each programme works on a subscription basis.  You can sign up for an entire year or pay a monthly subscription.   

My story

I did not want to clog this page up with histories and sob stories. Shortly you will read about our philosophy. However, like any kind of venture, something needed to trigger it. For me this happened over 20 years ago.

Back in the days when the GCSE was just being rolled out (I was the second wave to sit the exams), I passed only two subjects; CDT and History (C grade). For English and Maths I was graded an E.  Not good!

So I went back. To cut a long story short, because my socalled English teacher did not go into the basics of English grammar, I was in line for another grade E or worse!  Taking matters into my own hands, I purchased a grammar book.  I read it overnight and up my grades went!  

Somehow I fluked four more passes.  Yes, my maths went up as well and I gained a grade C for English!   


Next the A-Level. Absolutely nothing prepared me for the onslaught of A-Level Pure and Statistics. I mean, how do you go from basic trigonometry to proving sine and cosec formulae?!  Talk about being sent over the top and being shot down in the first few minutes!

I might have flunked many of my GCSEs, failed my A-Levels, got a Pass for my HND Chemistry and a III for my Chemistry degree, asked to leave my PGCE (see a trend here?) but I will not fail you.  Twenty years on, I see how I failed and why.  However I will not fail our students which leads me on to our philosophy …


Our Philosophy

After watching a YouTube video on learning, I came back and added this philosophy section.

Firstly, I wanted to clarify that SpaceKidets wasn’t written entirely to conform to the National Curriculum. Although parts of it are based on the GCSE syllabus, it wasn’t written to compliment any particular programme of study. Neither was it created with the view that one size fits all, because it doesn’t. Simply put, people (both young and old) learn differently. We feel overall the National Curriculum seems to try to pigeonhole a child’s ability with a view to achieving one thing. KidetsAcademy was created as a means to challenge this.

There are many faults in many things. Many are happy with the National Curriculum as a whole, many have been and are being simply failed by it. KidetsAcademy has been designed to give children the opportunity to explore their learning.

The next question you may have is ‘what age is KidetsAcademy aimed at’?  How do we answer this question? I have a son, Alex, aged eight. However, he regularly challenges learning of a child five years older. So at the end of the day, age aside, can they handle the content and the learning? KidetsAcademy has been written to allow children to wander from the beaten track of learning. Allow them to explore the world further, learning things they could find interesting, topics which could set them up for later life. Not based on material the government feels you should learn. That is not to say our content doesn’t entirely compliment it it does in many ways. However we also aim for the content to help better prepare children for the challenges ahead in a fun, stimulating and productive environment. We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together.

As with SpaceKidets, this will just keep growing and growing

Please note you can access the VLE at www.SpaceKidets.co.uk/VLE